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Potato Protein - The campaign starts and everyone is unsure what will happen...


The core questions for this campaign will be...

How will the crop be?
Can the industry produce nevertheless of the energy situation?

The good, lovely weather in parts of Europe means that people go to the swimming pools/leisure pools with their families. Professionally, there have certainly been better times for producers and customers.

Through close exchange with the industry, 2 main factors emerged that will determine the price for this season. For one, it is much too dry in Europe. In many places, the prognosis is poor and losses of up to 30% are expected compared to a normal campaign.
Only northern Europe is not so pessimistic on this point.

But the second driving factor, the energy costs, does not stop at Scandinavia and therefore the entire industry expects rising energy costs to the point of reduced production, since the required quantities will probably not be obtained in the distribution plan.

My subjective opinion, the prices will continue to rise and long-term contracts are a thing of the past, at least with this product.

Now we have to wait until the first potatoes come out of the ground to really know where the journey is going.

It remains exciting...

Let's talk about how we can offer you support to meet your needs.
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