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Fibre complexes with more value

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It’s a pleasure for me to announce our newest arrivals in our portfolio,


From now on we are able to supply you with holistic fibres.


Holistic fibres are beneficial for the digestive system of animals of different kinds. 

Our new complexes of different fibres contain only natural by-products which get a new value as upcycling products. 


Only a few dosage gives your product a higher value instead of using one or two fibre components.

These complexes also bring some protein and micro nutritional value to your product.


For interest in specification or more, please feel free to contact us.


We are no producer of such functional products, so we decided to collaborate with Naturiva GmbH.

A great German producer of fibres with more value for the customer and for the real customers, the ANIMALS.

Check out their company page for more information or .


We are collaborating together because we have the same values and approach to serve the customer more quality. We both think sustainable and traceability is also a key of our daily work.

Your partner for vegetable products with more value



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